Toes In The Sand Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Are all you babes/gents ready for Halloween?  What are you guys being?? Tommy and I are going to a Halloween party and dressing up as house cats???  His idea don’t ask!  REEEALL original right?? haha

Anywho, I am kinda sad because today is the last “Toes In The Sand Tuesday” of the year.  I will of course resume next Summer when my legs are tan and my toes can be smothered in Summer colors.  Honestly, I kid you not they are curling over like the wicked which of the North and they desperately need a break from polish.  So I’m letting my toe nails take a breather (for now).

I was reading up on if your nails actually need to breath and if it’s beneficial to take breaks in between polishes.  Here is what I discovered: Your nails can get a yellowish stain from the polish’s pigment, so it’s good to let the nails grow out to get their healthy natural color back.
The longer you leave on your lacquer, the more chance you’ll see discoloration (aka those icky white spots) on your nails after you remove the polish.

→ “When nail polish is left on for a prolonged period (usually on the toenails for greater than one month) something called a keratin granulation can develop.  These are white, rough patches on the nail that form when the polish is removed along with the superficial layers of nails cells.”

So take a polish Holiday and save some doe too!  The holidays are right around the corner! p.s. I hate when people say that! ha  XO, Melissa 

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