Mermaid Memos

Welcome to Mermaid Memos! I’m Melissa, in my mid 20’s (ahemm), total beach girl with a love and passion for health, travel, beauty, and overall wellness.  I grew up in beautiful San Diego and have always been drawn to the beach lifestyle. 

I moved to Hawaii after I graduated college to the North Shore of Oahu to explore life, myself, and of course the stunning beauty and culture.  It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I draw a lot of my inspiration from the islands. I moved back to the mainland and currently reside in North County, San Diego. Here, 2 and half years later, Mermaid Memos is born!

I currently am a substitute teacher and part time blogger, but hope to have those roles reversed someday.  I am constantly on a budget, but splurge when I feel the need, and have found ways to still live a fun and healthy lifestyle.  

I’ve been inspired by so many other blogs and thought, why can’t I start my own, with my unique twist on it.  I hope to share and inspire with creative, beauty/health tips, motivation, skinny recipes, and an all around fun guide to everything beach inspired!  I love to be active, eat well,  and am a firm believer in holistic remedies. But I also like to have fun, throw a few back with my friends, and grub down on some greasy Mexican food with my lovely fiancé :)   I have just found healthier ways to indulge with simple modifications. 

Life is a balancing act, staying positive, grateful and inspired are my key motives in leading the best life you can live.  My family and friends mean the world to me, so you will also see a lot of them on here too!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, to say hi, or collab ideas!  XO ♥


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